Hokage's Goal

The Hokage is a title given to village's leader. In order to provide peace and order, there can only be one chosen one to lead.

Hokage Inu aims to select an unmatched ninja prowess to lead the people.

Top $HOKAGE holders will have the chance to earn the title Hokage and earn exclusive NFTs.

Join the $HOKAGE movement today.

Litepaper (v.1.0)


3% Reward Distribution
2% LP Fee
3% Marketing Fee
4% Developmental Fee

NFT Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Hokage Map

Phase 1

1000+ Holders
Marketing Campaign
CoinGecko Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing

Phase 2

5000+ Holders
Staking Deployment
Anime Staking Marketplace
Anime Music NFTs

Phase 3

10,000+ Holders
NFT Marketplace
Anime Themed Gambling
Custom NFT Card Game